• Trent Wing MCO

1403 (Retford) Squadrons new Communicators

6 cadets of 1403 (Retford) Squadron were instructed in the art of radio communications and operating procedures. This course also involved the very important elements of cyber bullying, on how to stop it, online safety and the dangers of what could happen if you share too much information about yourself or, indeed, others.

All six were assessed and, we are pleased to say, all six were successful in passing this course and is the start of a Progressive syllabus to enhance and develop knowledge and skills moving onto their bronze level qualification, w

The six successful trainees with their new qualification badges.

ell done to you all in reaching this goal.

Thank you to CI Wills, of 2222 (Brigg) Squadron, who gave his time to assess the cadets and presented them with their Blue Communications Badge.

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