First of all we do have some requirements for you to join us. The first is that you must be at least 12 years of age and in Year 8 at the lower end and 17 at the upper end. You can stay as a cadet until you turn 20 providing you meet certain criteria upon your 18th Birthday. 





Basic Training

When you have started on your unit you will undergo the Cadet Basic Training course to get you started in the organisation. This covers the basics to enable you to learn and understand #whatwedo and why we do it. At the end of the course you will earn the First Class Badge as well as others as part of the Progressive Training Syllabus. The CBT Course includes:


What Next?

Once you have attained the First Class Qualification you can progress in the Classification system, Progressive Training Syallabus and also be promoted. Everything we do is designed to develop both you as an individual, whilst growing your knowledge, skills and abilities. There is some academic learning, but its combined with some great activities that will test your abilities both personally and physically at times. Some activities are dependent on age and other qualifications you have gained, but its all on offer. Whatever you get out of the RAF Air Cadets will depend on what you put into it!

Progressive Training

The Progressive Traininig Syllabus (PTS) is there to grow your knowledge and experience in specialist areas such as Gliding, Shooting, Music, Cyber, First Aid and Leadership. Each element has a different level to aim towards..

Depending on your level of experience, attendance, knowledge and maturity you can also be promoted and given rank, which will increase as you move through cadets. It's not garunteed though and all promotions have to be earned. Promotions to NCO levels are based not only on achievement but more importantly your ability to be a leader as well as a team member. As a cadet NCO you will need to be able to lead and help develop other cadets and be a role model too!

Promotions to Cadet NCO

As a cadet you could fly in any aircraft that the RAF, Royal Navy or British Army has, that includes aircraft like the Chinook, C17, Voyager and even the Hawk and Typhoon FGR4! 

Even if the opportunity doesnt present itself to fly in operational aircraft, you will get the chance to take control of the Grob Tutor, learning the basics of flight and aerobatics, if your stomach is feeling upto it!

If you like flying and have what it takes, you may be eligable for a Flying Scholarship, gaining free flying time towards your Private Pilots Licence or further flying training.


Many of the RAF's Pilots including the Red Arrows started their flying careers with the Air Cadets

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