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Wing Swimming Championships 23

Whilst the outside temperatures were low, the pool was certainly warm and welcoming for the competitors of the 2023 Trent Wing Swimming Championships, held at RAF Cranwell last weekend.

In a great competition, squadrons took to the pool in various heats and finals, demonstrating the very best in sportsmanship, competitive spirit and teamwork. Supported by a team of adult volunteers, picking up the challenge of the various supporting roles to run the competition, the tensions rose as the day moved towards it's close and the announcements of which units would be taking home the trophies.

With all the individual medal presentations having been made to the competitors in all the heats, the final parade saw the silverware being presented for the various cumulative competition heats as follows:

Junior Girls Competition

1st - 1406 Spalding Sqn

2nd - 204 (City of Lincoln Sqn

3rd - 1260 (Newark) Sqn

Junior Boys Competition

1st - 331 (Chesterfield) Sqn

2nd - Joint Placing 1401 (Alfreton) Sqn & 204 (City of Lincoln) Sqn

Senior Girls Competition

1st: 331 (Chesterfield) Sqn

2nd: 2160 (Sleaford) Sqn

3rd: 1237 (North Hykeham) Sqn

Senior Boys Competition

1st: 204 (City of Lincoln) Sqn

2nd: 2160 (Sleaford) Sqn

3rd: Joint Placing 331 (Chesterfield) Sqn and 1401 (Alrefton) Sqn

Joint Relay Competition

1st: 2160 (Sleaford) Sqn

2nd: 331 (Chesterfield) Sqn

3rd: 1237 (North Hykeham) Sqn

Overall Competition Winners

1st: 2160 (Sleaford) Sqn - 63 Points

2nd: 331 (Chesterfield) Sqn - 62 Points

3rd: 204 (City of Lincoln) Sqn - 41 Points

Photos from the Medal Presentations below:

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