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ACPV Comes to Trent Wing and Trent Wing goes to ACPV

The RAF's annual Air Combat Power Visit event has traditionally been held at one of the several RAF bases within Trent Wing, this year it returned to RAF Waddington. Trent Wing were invited to visit the event with several units taking the opportunity to visit and learn more about the RAF's current and future Capabilities.

The event is to showcase the Royal Air Force's aircraft, personnel and to demonstrate its role, both within and outside of the RAF. Visitors, in addition to the cadets included MP's, Industry leads, companies and even Royalty.

For the cadets it was a chance to get up close and learn exactly what the Royal Air Force does, why it exists and what it will look like in the future. This was demonstrated with the presence of the P8 Poseidon aircraft from the United States Navy, the type will join the RAF's airborne inventory very soon in the Maritime Patrol role. A model of the RAF's newest fast jet, the F35 Lightning II, was also on site to represent the Lightning Force, whilst the aircraft are busy conducting Sea Trials in the USA on board HMS Queen Elizabeth.

It wasn't just about the aircraft though, with the RAF Regiment displaying their capabilities and equipment, along with many other units that support the RAF's operations, including the RAF Police and their search dogs.

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