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Combined Training Weekend Starts gives 2023 a huge boost.

On a cold and crisp weekend, Staff and Cadets of Trent Wing, were joined by colleagues from the CCF and other wings within the region for a weekend of CPD and training qualifications. Over 100 Cadet Adult Volunteers took part in a range of courses run and hosted by Trent Wing, maximising expertise and opportunities on the wide range of activities we offer.

This was the first weekend of training to encompass and welcome our CCF colleagues, since their induction into the new construct of Central & East Region Air Cadets, and was a great opportunity to welcome our existing colleagues from across the region to take part and work collaboratively for the benefit of the cadets.

The courses and training undertaken ranged from the AVIP course, a volunteers very first introduction to the organisation, through to specialist media training, Fieldcraft Instructor Training, Target Shooting, First Aid and Level 3 Award in Education and Training Qualifications.

The largest part of the weekend focussed around the development and continuation training of Target Shooting, from introduction to update and delivery development, ensuring our instructors are skilled, current and practiced. 'The Trent Wing Shooting CPD weekend has been a resounding success. Target Shooting is one of the best activities the Air Cadets has to offer, and provides great development and enjoyment for our cadets which they would not be able to find in other youth organisations. It is brilliant to have the ability to deliver high quality training to so many new volunteers wanting to get involved in the activity. While also working with our experienced team to make sure that Trent Wing can have a successful 2023, delivering the best training available to our cadets” Flt Lt P Roddy, Trent Wing Shooting Officer, said.

Officer Commanding Trent Wing, Wing Commander Daniel Withnall said: 'Trent Wing has identified the importance of making sure our volunteers are well trained to deliver the cadet experience and the range of courses delivered this weekend to over 100 volunteers will set them up to deliver this. We have welcomed volunteers from across Central and East Region, including from the Combined Cadet Force East for the first time since they were integrated into the region. I thank the Wing and Region staff who have facilitated this training, which will ultimately benefit our cadets.

Photos: Sqn Ldr James Miles, Sqn Ldr Charles Skiera, Flt Lt Pat Roddy.

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