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Developing Future Leaders

Cadets from across the Wing have attended the Cadet NCO Development courses for Junior and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers at RAF Digby this weekend.

The course is designed to give young people the opportunity to develop their skills and provide them with the knowledge to perform at their Squadron and the wider organisation at the rank they hold or the rank they wish to attain.

The cadets have had inputs in a variety of modules including responsibilities and roles, discipline, dress, welfare, emotional intelligence, managing and leading a squad as well as drill and ceremonial input with a qualified Drill Instructor and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers.

Wing Training Officer Flt Lt Tom Shaw says "It is great to see the Wing Training Team and volunteers working together to deliver these courses and provide valuable learning and opportunities for our young leaders across our Wing. Well done to all those that have taken part, I'm sure this has been a positive experience for everyone involved."

Congratulations to all those attending and good luck with your future RAFAC careers!

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