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  • Trent Wing MCO

Former Officer Commanding Recognised for over 55 years of service.

Wing Commander Stephen Hullott RAFVR(T) Retd, former OC Trent Wing has been honoured with a Lifetime Community Champion Award by South Kesteven District Council, in recognition of his long and meritorious service within the Royal Air Force Air Cadets.

Stephen has been a Civilian Instructor with 2160 (Sleaford) Squadron for over 15 years, but this only represents a short part of his career with the Air Training Corps. He joined 47F (Grantham) squadron, as cadet in 1966, rising to the rank of Cadet Warrant officer and a Staff Cadet with 644 Volunteer Gliding School. During his teacher training, in his life outside of cadets, he continued at 47F as a CI in addition to continuing gliding training. Once established in a career with the Civil Service, Stephen applied to enter uniform service as an Adult Warrant Officer and commissioned 6 years later with the RAF Volunteer Reserve.

having held several roles on the squadron, he became Officer Commanding 47F in 1987and during his time as OC 47F the cadet numbers doubled resulting in an extra building being added. Under his Command, the unit were twice winners of the Lincolnshire Wing Efficiency trophy, and nominees for the prestigious Lees Trophy. Stephen built, and was supported by a first-rate staff team 3 of whom went on to command other ATC units within the wing at the time.

Stephen was asked to join the Wing Staff and accepted the post of Wing Training Officer and promotion to Squadron Leader. After 30 happy and fulfilling years with 47F Grantham it was a wrench to leave but he was ready for new challenge. In 2001 Stephen was appointed Officer Commanding Trent Wing. Under his command the Wing recorded many successes in regional competitions and after a four-year term of office he chose to retire from uniformed service and return to his abiding passion, training cadets at the grass roots level.

Stephen is happily married to Coleen; this year they celebrated their forty-fifth wedding anniversary. Far from being an ‘Air Cadet Widow’, Coleen herself served both as CI and AWO with 47F for the greater part of twenty years, retiring herself shortly after Stephen left uniformed service. Stephen holds the position of Media Officer; Instructor and he delivers the Method of Instruction course to eligible cadets and guides them through the process of teaching on the sqn. Stephen has been a great support and mentor for both staff old and new in his current role at 2160, using his years of experience and knowledge to great effect.

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