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Helping those who help us.

Cadet Fitzgerald of 620 Derwent Valley Squadron, in Duffield, has kept herself busy over the last few weeks working on her Blue Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Part of the award is to complete a volunteering section, Cadet Fitzgerald decided to provide a Buffet Lunch for staff who have been working so hard during this difficult period in the ICU at Ilkeston Hospital. Cadet Fitzgerald is now working towards the other sections of the award and hopes to finish soon.

To earn their Pre-DofE Blue Badge cadets need to complete the following:

Skills Section:

Successfully pass one of the following subjects at First Class Cadet Level – Principals of Airmanship, Map Reading, or Basic Radio Communications.

Volunteering Section: Cadets need to complete six hours of volunteer work, this could be litter picking, supporting vulnerable community members, helping run virtual parade nights the list goes on….

Physical Section: Cadets select three activities (ball speed bounce, sit-ups, press ups, skipping, single leg squat thrust or sprint) cadets carry out the three activities weekly over 8 weeks and record their scores. At the end of the 8 weeks cadets need to have shown an improvement.

Well done keep up the good work….

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