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“If at first you don’t succeed try, try again” might well be the motto for Cadet Sergeant Lauren Griffen-Edmondson.

For the third time in the last year Lauren has entered a talent competition run by the Royal Air Force Cadets. Previous competitions, which have been held at a Regional level, have seen her performances praised but have found her just missing out in the top group. Undeterred, this time she decided to try for the big one, the RAFAC National Talent competition.

Having already made it through the heats Lauren, this afternoon found herself in the Semi final up against eighteen other hopefuls from around the corps. Only three would be selected to go forward to the final, the first two via the popular vote, the third selected by the four judges.

Lauren, who had scored well but not enough to get the popular vote places found herself in a head-to-head with another cadet, and by a vote of three-to-one the judges selected her for the third spot.

Head judge, Sqn Ldr Paul James said, “I was blown away by the Sergeants performance of ‘Bring Him Home’ from Les Misérables and in my mind she really smashed it, absolutely amazing performance”.

The whole competition was conducted in the virtual world via the medium of Microsoft Teams. Lauren now has two weeks to prepare before the Grand Final; in the meantime, everyone at 2160 wishes her every success.

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