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Staged Return to Face to Face Activities

Many of you will have seen the great news that Face to Face Activities, have now been given permission to restart over the coming weeks, by the MOD. We can look forward to getting back to a new sense of normal operations, but there is a lot of work to be completed first, before we can start to introduce the return to activities, which will be in a staged and planned format.

The first stage of the process is to get all the staff and staff cadets up to speed with various training packages to make sure we are operating correctly, have the relevant knowledge and are in date with mandatory training requirements.

The second stage focuses around making sure our buildings and premises are fit for use, have been checked, with relevant tests carried out on things like the water supply. This stage requires our external partners involvement and with the RFCA taking the lead. This is to make sure that after a few months of not being used, the buildings are both safe to be inhabited and can be cleaned appropriately.

The third stage is to make sure we are ready to return to our buildings and have plans and procedures in place to ensure we can comply with the current guidelines around COVID 19. Risk Assessments need to be conducted and completed, with various different items on the checklist that need to be looked at and mapped out so each unit can receive approval to reopen. This will include things like sanitizing stations, cleaning schedules and signage, similar to those in shops and other locations.

Once the first 3 stages are complete, we can move onto stage 4, the one you have been waiting for! The final stage is to re-start face to face activities, which will most likely be a phased return, based on the level of risk and the ability to comply with the current Guidelines at the time. Of course these are subject to change as we move forward. The process can only move as quickly as activities begin to be authorised and different aspects of each element of training are checked, approved against what we can do and what is deemed appropriate by the Regional Commandant.

The good news is that it's underway and progress is being made, but the road to the return to activities as we remember it before March, will be a phased journey, with a few challenges along the way!

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