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It is one thing to expend time and effort to obtain a RAFAC qualification and the resulting certificate and badge; it is quite another to then go on and qualify to teach your new found skills to your fellow cadets. That is exactly what Cadet Warrant Officer Jayne Morley of 2160 Sleaford squadron has done during this period of lockdown.

CWO Morley recently undertook her Bronze Cyber award and shortly after followed this up by qualifying at the higher Silver level. Whilst completing this online training she found that it was possible to undertake a course of instruction to enable her to teach her fellow cadets the Bronze cyber award syllabus; always up for a challenge, CWO Morley embarked on the process.

The trainer training would normally be conducted as a one-day face-to-face course, because of the lockdown CWO Morley instead had to complete a number of online modules and prepared teaching material for her forthcoming lessons.

Already a valuable member of the squadron’s training team, having completed he Method of Instruction course over a year ago, the challenge was now to translate these skills to the virtual world. The proof of the pudding was amply demonstrated this week when cadets Buckland, Knight, Rice and Thomas successfully completed their Bronze Cyber award under her tutelage.

Officer Commanding 2160, Flt Lt Karen Turner said: “I am very proud of CWO Morley for going that extra mile to provide this training opportunity for her fellow cadets. As a squadron we have all worked hard to engage our personnel during this period of lockdown and CWO Morley’s contribution in this and many other areas has been hugely significant”.

Article written by CI S Hullott, MCO 2160 (Sleaford) Sqn.

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