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Wing Sports, Make a Return!

For the first time since 2019 the Trent Wing Athletics Championships, marked the return of wing sports activities since the pandemic started, when it took place yesterday. Under clear Blue skies, sun and an amazing atmosphere, the squadrons of Trent gathered for what is one of the most anticipated sporting competitions on the calendar.

The significance of the event was huge, a return to ‘normality’ in terms of larger scale events, catching up with friends and colleagues, networking and of course simply getting back to delivering part of the Air Cadet experience. For many it was the first time they have seen each other since the start of 2020, other than on a computer screen. It was also the first event since the restructure of Trent Wing, giving us the opportunity to welcome 1406 (Spalding) Sqn and 2430 Holbeach Sqn to the wing for the first time.

A full programme of track and field events were held throughout the day, with the cadets demonstrating great teamwork, sportsmanship, giving it there all to support their units and the overall competition. With a cast of supporting staff, from team managers, officials, first aiders and admin, the day was a huge success.

With a number of wing records being very close to being broken, it fell to Cdt Sgt Verity Dixon of 17 (Coningsby) Sqn to smash the existing Javelin record for her class. The existing record stood at 24.53m, however with Verity’s determination and sheer effort it now stands at 27.53m.

We were also pleased to welcome two visitors to this year’s event, the first being the RAF's Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster, giving us an excellent flypast above and bang on time. As Flt Lt Paul Wise looked down from the pilot’s seat, his son was competing below.

It was also the first time that Commandant Air Cadets was able to attend a Trent Wing event since he took Command of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets. Air Commodore Keeling, spent the afternoon, presenting medals, talking with cadets, staff and supporters and making the final presentations of the day for the class and overall group winners.

The final parade is always filled with anticipation as the results of the overall group competitions are announced. The very last trophy of the day is the one each squadron wants to take home, The Trophy for the overall competition, which for 2022 will be residing with 204 (City of Lincoln) squadron.

A huge well done and thank you to all the cadets, staff, parents, and supporters for their support in bringing this event back and for a great competition. We look forward to seeing our newly selected Wing Team take part in the Central and East Region competition in just a few weeks’ time.

Photos: CI S Hullott, MCO 2160 Sleaford Sqn.

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