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Wing VPN's for July August 2020

We are pleased to release the first three of our wing VPN's for July and August! We look forward to welcoming a few guests to Trent Wing to provide a look at some different aspects of Aviation, STEM and careers. All VPN's are advertised on the Cadet portal and SMS, if you cannot see them, ask your Sqn staff for details!

Tuesday 14th July 2020

We will be joined by Flt Lt Adam King, former Trent Wing Cadet and now a pilot on No 207 Sqn flying the F-35B Lightning II. He will talk us through his career so far from his time in cadets, through Officer and Flying Training, holding with the Royal Navy and onto his first Fast Jet, the Typhoon. This includes flying in the RAF100 flypast and then onto the F-35, including a little race with the MacLaren Speed Wing!

Thursday 23rd July 2020

Join us for an evening with Sqn Ldr Adam Collins also known as Red 10, the Display Supervisor for the Royal Air Force Aerobatics Team, The Red Arrows! He will take us through the 2019 Red Arrows North American Tour, the teams longest and largest deployment to date, with unseen footage, photos and stories from the tour and a Q&A session with those attending.

Tuesday 11th August

Kath Fisher joins Trent Wing to talk about her career of 2 halves. Kath joined the RAF as an Air Traffic Control Officer and saw both UK deployments and Operational deployments in Basra. Upon leaving the RAF she joined the Police, initially working as a frontline officer, before joining the National Police Air Service, where she remains today as a Tactical Flight Officer.

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